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4 Key Reasons to Service Your Boiler When the Weather Is Warm


When the sun is shining and the temperatures are soaring into the thirties, your next boiler service is probably the last thing on your mind - in fact, you're more likely thinking about keeping your house cool rather than warm!

However, there are more upsides to servicing your boiler in the summer than you might think. Not only will it save you a lot of unnecessary waiting, but it can also prevent the disruption of repairs when winter rolls around.

With more than 35 years of hands-on experience, M J Burt are your go-to experts in all things boilers. Below, we explore the four main reasons why summer is the perfect time to book your boiler in for some TLC.

1. Take Advantage of More Time Slots

Because fewer people schedule their boiler service during the summer months, engineers usually have more time slots available. This means you'll experience shorter waiting times and greater flexibility in choosing your appointment slot.

Engineers tend to get busier when autumn rolls around and people begin turning on their central heating, so it’s a good idea to get ahead of the crowds by booking earlier than October.

2. Get Your Boiler Winter-Ready

Chances are, you probably haven't had to turn on your heating for months by the time winter arrives. Although there are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of issues, you may not realise there’s a fault with your boiler until you turn it on again. That’s why it’s better to identify any potential problems before the colder weather creeps in - it can save you the hassle of dealing with boiler problems during the winter months, when they’re much more of an inconvenience and when it’s a lot harder to find a boiler engineer.

3. Give Yourself More Time to Resolve Issues

It's always better to catch and fix problems before you really need your heating, rather than being caught off guard later and left in the cold. If you get your boiler serviced when you don’t need it for heating, you'll have plenty of time to arrange for repairs without causing any hassle for your household. Repair work might also involve temporarily shutting down your boiler, which isn't ideal when it's chilly outside, but not a problem when you’re not using it anyway.

4. Have Your Boiler Repaired Faster

If your boiler does turn out to need repairs, it’s far quicker to source boiler parts and carry out repairs in the summer. This is because, like engineers, manufacturers and suppliers tend to be a lot less busy in the warmer months than they are in the winter. Some of them might also shut over the festive period, which can create even more of a challenge - the last thing you'd want is to be without heating during Christmas!

Book Your Annual Boiler Service With the Experts at M J Burt

Is now the time to get your boiler winter-ready? Talk to our expert team today!

At M J Burt, our mission is simple: to maximise the lifespan of your boiler and keep it running as smoothly as possible, which translates to savings and peace of mind for you. We offer a variety of annual servicing packages to make this happen, all expertly handled by our Gas Safe registered team and backed by our generous warranty. We can also carry out any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.

No matter your boiler's type or model, you can count on us to keep it performing at its best throughout winter and beyond. Book your boiler service online or call us on 01202 721955 today!

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