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Boiler Breakdown Services

When your boiler is on the fritz, you only care about two things: getting it fixed fast, and making sure it doesn’t break down again any time soon.

With M J Burt’s emergency callout service, your boiler will be up and running again in no time. Our skilled engineers will quickly diagnose the issue and get to work, putting their expertise to good use as they complete the repairs with a minimum of noise, fuss, and hassle. Afterwards, a thorough testing process makes sure your boiler stays in good working condition for a long time to come.

To request a free quote for your boiler repair, call us at 01202 721955 or get in touch via our online form.

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Why Trust M J Burt for Your Boiler Repairs?

The team at M J Burt have been repairing boilers for over three decades. Our expert engineers know how boilers work from inside out, and guarantee a swift, considerate, and competitively priced repair service at a time that works for you.

High Level of Expertise

All of our boiler engineers are Gas Safe™ registered, so you can have peace of mind that your boiler is being handled with the highest level of skill. They can easily repair all types of boiler, regardless of age or brand.


No one wants to be without hot water for long, so we promise to be at your door as soon as possible, prepared and equipped to fix the issue within a few hours. We always respond to messages quickly and keep you in the loop on what’s happening with your repair every step of the way.

Trusted by Hundreds of Residents

Since 1988, we’ve helped fix the boilers of hundreds of households. Our glowing testimonials speak for themselves!

To request a free quote for your boiler repair, call us at 01202 721955 or get in touch via our online form.

Other Boiler Services

The best way to keep your boiler running smoothly is to get it serviced regularly.

Alongside our emergency repairs, we offer annual boiler services. This involves us performing an in-depth examination of your boiler, identifying potential issues, and fixing minor problems before they can get worse.

Looking for a new boiler altogether? M J Burt also provides full boiler replacement and installation services.

Boiler Repair FAQs

A boiler emergency is when you can no longer use your heating or hot water. It’s important to get your boiler fixed ASAP if this is the case, especially if it’s cold outside.

When you use M. J. Burt’s emergency callout service, our engineers will be on the scene as quickly as possible. They will use their expertise to get your boiler up and running within hours, so you only have to go without heating or hot water for a short while.

If you’ve noticed minor issues with your boiler but can still get heating or hot water, you should still get it looked at. The quicker the problem is diagnosed, the easier and cheaper it is to repair.

In most cases, repairing your boiler is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to restore your heating and hot water. This is especially true if your boiler wasn’t installed too long ago.

If your boiler is over twenty years old or out of warranty, however, it may be time to consider a replacement.

If you’re not sure which is your best option, get in touch. We can survey your boiler and identify the best option for your situation.

The exact amount it will cost to repair your boiler depends on a few things: the severity of the problem, the time it takes to resolve it, and the materials used in the process. For a more accurate estimate, give us a call on 01202 721955 - we’ll be able to give you a more detailed answer when we know what we’ll be dealing with.

Although it’s not technically illegal to fix a boiler on your own, we really don’t recommend it.

Working with gas is dangerous, especially in untrained hands. A simple mistake can result in permanent boiler damage at best, and a gas leak or explosion at worst. The risk of doing it yourself simply isn't worth it.

If you need to have your boiler repaired, call in a professional. Our engineers are Gas Safe™ registered, meaning they have undergone the extensive training needed to legally carry out gas work. You can trust them to deal with your problem with care and precision, sticking closely to all Health and Safety practices along the way.

Our repair service covers the whole of Dorset, including Poole, Bournemouth, and Christchurch.

Boiler breakdowns are most frequently caused by:

  • Age: All machines wear out eventually, boilers included. A boiler over 10 years old is much more likely to break down than a newer model.
  • Low water pressure: Usually caused by a leak or faulty pressure relief valve.
  • Blockage: A pipe blockage can restrict water flow, preventing the boiler from heating effectively. Limescale is a common culprit, particularly in hard water zones.
  • Defective components: A part may have blown or stopped performing as well as it used to.

Boiler repair time depends on the scale of the problem. Most repairs take only a few hours, but more complex issues can take several days, particularly if more specialist replacement parts are required.

Yes, in some circumstances. With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you could get a grant to partially cover the cost of replacing a fossil fuel heating system with a heat pump or biomass boiler. You’re eligible for the scheme if you:

  • Own the property you’re applying for
  • Are replacing a fossil fuel heating system (e.g. oil, gas or electric)

If the tenant doesn’t have access to heating or hot water, then their landlord should have the boiler fixed within 24 hours. Any other issue concerning the boiler should be sorted by the landlord within a “reasonable time”.

For a more in-depth explanation, read through our guide to landlord boiler responsibilities.

A boiler has an average lifespan of between 10 - 20 years before it needs replacing. Depending on the specific model, this can be much longer or shorter.

Yes, in some cases. A malfunctioning boiler can become dangerous if it starts leaking carbon monoxide, a highly toxic gas.

If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak, switch off all gas appliances at the mains and leave the property immediately. You should then call a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect your appliances.

Read our blog post on the risks of carbon monoxide for more information.

Thanks to modern safety innovations, it’s exceedingly rare for a boiler to explode. Most new boilers have fail-safes that shut the boiler down before an explosion can occur, including pressure relief valves, thermostats, and oxygen depletion sensors.

With that said, explosions in old, faulty, or poorly altered boilers aren’t unheard of. The main causes are gas leaks and high pressure.

If you’re worried about the safety of your boiler, don’t let the problem get worse - get it looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

On rare occasions, a faulty boiler can cause a fire if a gas or oil leak ignites. If you spot the warning signs, get it checked right away.

Generally, you should replace your boiler when it stops performing as well as it should. This tends to be around 10-20 years after installation, or if there’s been a serious breakdown. For more information, read our guide to the 5 key signs you need to replace your boiler.

If you’re still not sure, don’t worry - our engineers are happy to examine your current boiler and determine whether it needs replacing. Book a survey now!

We can repair virtually any standard boiler model, including Vaillant, Worcester, Glow-worm, Baxi, Potterton, Ideal, and more.


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