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Annual Boiler Servicing

Your boiler requires regular servicing to run correctly and efficiently. Ideally, it should be serviced every year to keep it working to its highest efficiency. Annual servicing will help prevent the possibility of a breakdown and emergency call-outs. Regular servicing ensures that your boiler runs safely and efficiently, which in turn means bigger savings for you. It reduces the risk of unexpected replacements or problems when you least expect or need them. M J Burt Property Maintenance Ltd is fully accredited and our Gas Safe™ engineers have your best interests at heart. All of our services come with our guarantee so you’ll have peace of mind that you are in very safe hands.

Our family run business will offer you the following services:

  • Qualified and fully certified and insured engineers to work in your property
  • We are extensively trained by the boiler manufacturers
  • Friendly office staff on hand to take your call
  • Honest, reliable service and solutions to fit your budget and needs
  • Competitive prices
  • A truly personalised experience

What does a Boiler Service entail?

  • Gas pressure checks to ensure that the pressure at which your boiler is operating is correct
  • Testing of all major components to ensure that they are working correctly and adjust as necessary
  • Flue gas analysis to test that the boiler is burning efficiently
  • Boiler flue check to ensure that the boiler is not emitting any harmful gases
  • Check of the boiler controls to ensure that they are working correctly
  • Check by eye for any signs of corrosion or leakage
  • Provide you with a service certificate to show all the check carried out

Power Flushing

Keeping your boiler clean and maintained is important but that’s only part of the story. Keeping your heating system clean and free of debris is important to ensure that the boiler can run efficiently. This is known as power flushing.

Over time your heating system can develop a build up or corrosion, creating a sludge that affects the boilers efficiency. When this happens, your system requires a deep clean and this is best done via power flushing. Once cleaned, the radiators in your heating system will heat up correctly and cold spots will be reduced. Power flushing does not take a lot of time but it is effective and extremely comprehensive. The most common signs that your heating system needs power flushing are that some rooms are colder than others, radiators are cold at the bottom or require repeated bleeding. Another sign is a noisy boiler.

Once your heating system has been power flushed you should have lower heating bills plus a more reliable boiler, a longer system life plus an even distribution of heat throughout the property.

How it Works

Power flushing uses a machine to force water through your heating system at low pressure but high speed. This water contains a specially formulated cleaning chemical and is forced through each radiator as well as through the entire system. Once this process is complete, the sludge and corrosion debris will have been removed from the system. We then refill the system with clean water adding an inhibitor to protect the system.

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Boiler Servicing

Magnetic Filters

Over time, the water within your heating system reacts with the metal inside your radiators and some heating pipes. The reaction consists of dissolved rust which has a sludgy consistency. This reduces the flow of water around your heating system resulting in a reduction to the boiler's efficiency. The sludge needs to be caught to avoid damaging the motorised or moving parts within the boiler.

A magnetic filter is designed to magnetically attract any sludge or debris from within the system, removing them from the circulation and preventing your boiler being damaged by these particles.

When fitting all new boilers, we always recommend fitting a magnetic filter, however they can also easily be fitted retrospectively, often alongside a power flush of your heating system. Once fitted, the magnetic filter will keep your system running at its best for longer. The magnetic filter will also get cleaned annually along with your boiler service.

Boiler Servicing FAQs

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about the services provided by our Gas Safe™ registered boiler engineers. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01202 721955. Or check our Plumbing and Boilers FAQs.

We install all boiler types: combi, conventional and system boilers. Our engineers can advise on the best option for your property.

We typically install Glow-worm, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant boilers, but our engineers can work with all major brands.

Call the National Grid on 0800 111 999, 24/7. Extinguish all naked flames and do not light anything. Turn the gas off at the meter (this will usually be outside your property) and make sure you don’t touch any electrical switches. Open all doors and windows before getting everyone out of the area.

Every home should be fitted with a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide detectors work in the same way as a smoke alarm, alerting you if you have a carbon monoxide leak. This is very important as carbon monoxide is odourless and can have a serious impact on your health.

It’s generally recommended that boilers are serviced annually, to keep them running safely and efficiently.

All of our boiler engineers are Gas Safe™ registered, so you can rest assured that your installation, repair or service is in good hands.

Our Gas Safe™ registered engineers are qualified to carry out gas safety checks and provide a Gas Safety Certificate.

If you discover a leak in your home, turn off the water at the main stopcock (this will usually be under or near to your kitchen sink), then turn all the cold taps on to drain the system. You should also turn off your central heating or any other water heating system you have, then turn on the hot taps to drain the system. If a pipe has burst, you should also turn off the electrics.

Powerflushing uses a machine to force water through your heating system at low pressure but high speed. This removes rust, sludge and sediment from within your heating system.

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