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Why Does My Bathroom Smell?


No matter how well you clean your bathroom, some smells just won’t go away. Bathroom odours can stem from all areas of your washroom – the basin, bathtub, shower and (most commonly) within the toilet itself.

As experts in general plumbing repairs, our highly skilled tradesmen here at M J Burt are on hand to share their knowledge and explain to you the different types of bathroom smells you may encounter and how we can assist in eradicating that unwanted aroma.

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Why does my bathroom smells like rotten eggs?

A rotten egg smell is usually down to the presence of sewer gases (formed by the breakdown of human waste) resulting from poorly functioning toilet plumbing.

This can be caused by a broken seal on the dry trap within the sewer system drain. This is especially common if the toilet is rarely used, and these sewer gases can rise through the water, into the toilet bowl and out into your bathroom.

Why does my bathroom smell of fish?

Along with the sewer gas problem, your bathroom’s fishy smell be due to an electrical fault and the plastic of the electric wires overheating. We strongly advise you deal with this issue immediately as electrical fires are extremely dangerous and could lead to destruction and injury.

Why does my bathroom smell like sewage?

A sewage smell can be the result of a broken toilet seal, especially near the u-bend. Any cracks or splits can cause pungent sewage smells to escape out into your bathroom and beyond.

A blocked vent can also cause sewage stenches, as smells cannot escape meaning they will build up within your property.

Why does my bathroom smell musty?

A musty smell could be coming from mould growing underneath your shower drain. Mould occurs when hair, body oils and soap scum that is flushed out with wastewater is combined with water moisture. Mould is detrimental as it can trigger a variety of health problems, such as infections, allergies and asthmas attacks.

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