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How to choose your perfect boiler


Autumn is well and truly here and with the cold months to come, it’s a great time to think about whether your boiler needs replacing – avoid waiting until you have to put on three separate layers because of a lack of central heating!

However, it’s not as simple as picking a model that looks nice and slotting it into your utility cupboard – there are many factors you should consider before making your choice. This is because a boiler should be a long-term investment that continually makes you savings over time.

Thankfully, your local boiler installation specialists are here to help. The MJ Burt team is vastly experienced in completing boiler installations to a high standard, for commercial and residential clients alike across the South.

We’ve put together some top tips for picking the perfect boiler this autumn.

Boiler Types

There are three mainstream boiler types - System Boilers, Combi Boilers and Conventional Boilers, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. The vast majority of UK households have one of these types.

Conventional boilers

Out of the three, conventional boilers are the most popular – likely due to their affinity with family homes - as they are capable of providing lots of hot water for many bathrooms and radiators, and keeping that water hot if some is left unused.

Larger homes are also more likely to be detached – and detached homes are traditionally worse at retaining heat than semi-detached homes. This is because heat escapes to the outside, rather than being trapped in by the adjacent houses.

As a result, you’ll need to account for that extra heat loss with a larger, more powerful boiler. Conventional boilers fit this bill when compared to their combi and system boiler counterparts.

With power and multi-use capability comes a rather bulky size – which rules them out for lots of households who simply don’t have the space to contain them.

Furthermore, there are questions over energy efficiency – if you don’t install a boiler jacket, any hot water pooled in the boiler will lose heat over time before you get the chance to use it.

It also requires planning, as water heating isn’t instant – make sure the boiler is set to a timer so you’re not left with a cold shower before work.


Many of the reasons conventional boilers are popular to many make it unpopular for others, which is where the combi-boiler comes in.

Where the conventional is bulky, the combi is compact, and where the conventional can provide hot water for a whole family to use simultaneously, the combi can provide hot water almost instantly, just not to too many people.

This makes it ideal for homes with three beds or below, where there may not be as much cupboard space or as many people needing to use hot water at once.

It’s also far more energy efficient – up to 90% efficiency! This is partly because water is only heated in the amount that is needed, rather than in bulk, while combis are also a more modern design.

System boilers

While not as compact as a combi boiler, the system boiler is smaller than a conventional while also providing responsive hot water heating and multi-use capabilities, putting it in the middle of the pack.

It’s also far easier to install than the other two types – as many of the components of hot water and central heating are built into the boiler itself, skipping the process of researching compatibility with your central heating system.

However, system boilers are heavily restricted by the capacity of their hot water cylinders – the bigger this is, the more capacity you have, but you’re better off with a conventional in such a situation.

MJ Burt for your boiler repair and installation needs

We provide bespoke boiler maintenance to clients across the South, with our vastly experienced engineers able to tackle any boiler problem with any boiler system. If you’re thinking about upgrading, why not check out our website – and give us a call on 01202 721955.

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