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Bathroom Wall Tiles vs Bathroom Panels


With the rise of modern and contemporary bathroom design trends, you may be considering a bathroom renovation, and there are many reasons for doing so. These include enhancing the sanitation facilities, improving hygiene and potentially increasing your home’s overall value. But, when it comes to the bathroom’s design features, which are better – bathroom tiles or panels?

As experts in bathrooms and wet rooms installation, our highly skilled tradesmen here at M J Burt are well placed to share their expertise and explain to you the differences and benefits of using bathroom wall tiles and bathroom wall panels.

What’s the difference between bathroom wall tiles and bathroom panels?

Bathroom tiles are small-shaped pieces that come in a wide a range of colours and materials (including ceramic, terracotta, vinyl and stone).

Bathroom or shower wall panels are an alternative solution to tiles. Purchasable in large quantities, its clever design will render your bathroom walls waterproof.

Benefits of bathroom wall tiles

Bathroom tiles are incredibly versatile and adaptable – they can cater for an abundance of flexible and creative design ideas.

When planning your bathroom space, tiling can keep your bathroom on-trend with the latest colours and finishes, accommodating for either a traditional or modern style.

Tiling is also known to be a cost-effective option that can be easily fixed onto your bathroom wall with the right adhesive.

Benefits of bathroom panels

On top of its waterproof functionality, bathroom panels boast easy installation and cost-efficiency advantages. They are also known to be easy to maintain as they are very hygienic, preventing the growth of any mildew or mould.

What’s more, providing the bathroom walls allow, panels can be fitted over existing tiles, offering a considerable time saving option.

Which is best? Bathroom wall tiles or panels?

We believe there is no one superior option, as both offer cost-effective, fast installation and varied design offers. It will all depend on consumer preference.

M J Burt are on hand to help and support you on all design facets of your bathroom renovation project.

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