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Bathroom Design Ideas for the Elderly


Based on the Wear and Tear Theory of Aging, our physical capabilities change as we get older. Due to mobility restrictions, your daily routine, which consists of tasks that were once simple and straightforward will become much trickier. This can also extend to your daily bathroom rituals, which geriatrics may find daunting and challenging.

We at MJ Burt aim to prevent any bathroom from being daunting and challenging. As specialists in independent living and bathroom design ideas for the elderly, our solutions combine practicality and style, ensuring bathrooms are accessible and safe. Read on to learn about some of the features we recommend that will make your bathroom practical, stylish, accessible and safe for older adults.

Practical and Stylish Features to make your Bathroom Accessible and Safe for the Elderly

Bathroom Access

We always recommend considering how your bathroom should be accessed. There should be a clear path with no obstructions in the way of preventing elderly access to and from the bathroom. This can also include access considerations for wheelchair users, and this may mean wider and/or sliding doors to accommodate their entry.

Anti-slip flooring

Bathrooms are known for having wet and slippery floors due to water, soap and toilet usage. To help prevent falls in the bathroom, we recommend fitting an anti-slip floor. Based on our design ideas, we typically recommend the floor is a contrasting colour to that of the bathroom walls, so that older adults with reduced vision do not get confused.

Walk-in shower bath

Whilst walk-in baths, easy access baths and mobility bathtubs are all viable options, a walk-in shower bath is the best solution for those looking to optimise access to both bathing and showering. Regardless of your style, they look beautiful in any bathroom and are typically easier to clean than traditional bath and shower combinations. What’s more, a walk-in shower bath is the ideal independent living solution in the sense that it includes a zero-threshold shower, plus bathing is a great way to reduce stress, soothe muscles and joints and improve circulation.

Easy-to-use shower

Outside of walk-in shower baths, easy-to-use showers with large, easy-to-use controls can also be installed to help those with restricted hand mobility.

Shower seats

Shower seats can help those who need to take the weight off their feet or simply find it easier to shower sitting down. They are comfortable and quick drying for recurring use.

Safety grab bars and rails

Safety grab bars and rails are an essential safety feature for an elderly bathroom remodel, with metal bars or rails installed next to the toilet, as well as the walk-in shower bath. They should also be positioned in areas where there are large empty spaces, to assist movement around the bathroom.

Comfort height toilet

Alongside grab bars, comfort height toilets or raised toilet seating can assist with sitting down and standing up issues. Such solutions are effective as they can minimise difficulties and reduce the risk of injury.

Illuminated mirrors

With LED lighting and magnifying features, illuminated mirrors can increase comfort and efficiency, especially to aid those with reduced vision.

Taps with electrical sensors

We also recommend the use of taps with electrical sensors, which are fitted at the right height near the grab bars. They are more accessible, easier to handle, and less likely to lock than spherical knobs. Plus, they help those with dementia as they automatically switch off once you’re no longer using the tap.

Elderly Bathroom Alert System

It is also worth contemplating the need for a bathroom alert system, such as a wireless pull cord or button which can transmit an alert to an emergency call alarm.

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